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Free Verse

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
A couple years ago, Mrs. Soapweed and I attended a Pfizer cattle symposium at Reno. A very capable cowboy poet by the name of Leon Flick entertained us after supper that evening. He rides the range in Oregon cattle country, and if he cowboys as well as he writes poetry, he's a pretty darned good hand.

Here is one of his poems called, "Free Verse."

What is this stuff, they call free verse?
It makes no sense to me.
It wanders like a plumb green colt,
And has no rhyme-er-ry.

I has to have a dictionair,
To look up half the words.
Like searchin' for a cowchip,
Once the meadow's dragged for turds.

Like a pen of singles cattle.
That's every shape and size.
There's every breed and color.
Then I starts to realize,

It's still a pen of cattle.
Under hide, there is red beef.
But better them, to make the sorts,
And save me all the grief.

Now here are some photos of our day. Guess you could call the bunch of cattle, and the calves that were pre-conditioned, our bovine version of "free verse". They are all colors, sexes, sizes and shapes. The mommas of these calves are old cows, some have bad bags or other blemishes, and for one reason or another we didn't want to get them too far from home. They are an equal opportunity bunch, but will be sorted into proper categories before we sell them.





Soap I know you like to keep Mrs. Soap slim and trim and you save a pile of money by her not having to go to town to a gym But I think she is going to have to start packing SlimFast in yours and Saddletramps lunchs or you guys are going to have to do some ground work. :wink: :wink: :cowboy:
Well, Soapweed, those old cows look like they summered very well. Made you money keeping them one more year!!.

No comment on how you guys summered. Saddletramp just looks, well...content... to me! :wink:

BTW, I like the sorrell Saddletramp is riding.
Big Muddy Rancher...... Cowhands like you and me, I prefer the terms...... Good frame and alot of depth.
Saddletramp said:
Big Muddy Rancher...... Cowhands like you and me, I prefer the terms...... Good frame and alot of depth.

Easy Keepers

Know one wants a skinny Bull anyhow...
I know Leon and his wife Billie, REALLY nice folks! And he's a great poet, have you heard his Bull Slippers? I'm going to have to go listen to my tape again :p I guess he managed a big ranch near here before we moved here. I think they are good hands. I got to know them quite some time ago at a poetry gathering in Caldwell Idaho.

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