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Ha this is pretty good !!! Trintiy man that was good, years ago I had a round bale feeder that a 3 yr. old red angus bull got his head stuck in between the bars and he was able to lift it off the bale :shock: ?? It would take too long to tell the whole story but he sure remodeled a lot of stuff before he was all done !!! 101
As a matter of fact this is a picture of me and my cousins in 1966 working cows with a chute that ain't much of an improvement on that one. BTW I am the skinny 16yr old on the right.

I built my first two ( one for cattle and one for hogs ) chutes while in High school with plans from Perdue University in about 1964 or so and they were 90% Oak and bolted together.

I was very proud of them and we used them till I went to the USMC and while I was gone my father sold the farm and moved - - - I never saw them again - - - I'm sure they have long since been burned.

I bought the chute I now have in 1973 - - - it was top of the line at that time and still is used several times each year. It is now still as good as when I bought it but there are sure much better ones out there now. I had to rework it about 10 years ago as some of the cows I have now could not fit in! I made it 3" wider - - - tells where we have come in the last 40 years!

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