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Fun small town tradition on this day June 24 Dia de San Juan

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Apr 8, 2005
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I'd like to share a annual event that happens every year in the small pueblo where I live. This is a favorite day of the children. All the children ride horses through the streets. They all dress up in their best western clothes and they ride all day and into the night, going where ever they want. The riders have full right of way in the streets. This is a time of courtship for many of the young. The boys must ask permision from the girls fathers to let them ride double on their horse. The parents watch all the kids go by from outside on the porches. What of great way to celebrate the Day of Saint John. This day is said to be the first day of the beginning of the summer monsoon rains. Just some good old fashion country fun.
How beautiful! :!: I'd never heard of that festival. The children must have wonderful memories of that feeling of freedom the rest of their lives.
Thank you for sharing it with us. :D

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