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Gas Coupons

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Mountain Cowgirl

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Mar 19, 2021
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N.E. Oregon
Gas coupons have never been honored around here. I don't care what store gives them out. I had saved about $20 worth of them just to find out they were only honored in Pendleton and only for $10 each time if a $50 purchase of gas was made. So I sharpen my pencil and crunched the numbers and decided a trip costing me $20 in gas wasn't worth the trip to save $10. A friend was making a trip over to pick up some horses so I rode along and volunteered to buy $20 worth of the diesel using my valuable coupons. She would fill one tank and use $10, finalize that transaction, and then fill the other and use the other $10 to equal the $20 bonus I earned being a loyal shopper. I was really proud of myself for outsmarting the tricky coupon system.

The scanner at the pump wouldn't accept them, so the attendant came out to say they only honor ones from the Pendleton store. I knew the young man wasn't responsible for this "scam" that gives away bonuses they know they will never honor because of all the fine print that no one reads unless they have a scientific grade microscope, so I spared him my wrath over being duped by the tricky smooth mouthed gift horse coupons. It was my fault for remembering my grandpa when he said, to never look a gift horse in the mouth.

The man changed his mind about selling the horses and it was apparent to me he was trying to get her to up her offer that he previously accepted. She didn't, so we went to Hamley's Steak house lunch counter (my treat) and had overpriced local raised beef prime rib sandwiches. I bought a couple of overpriced Hamley logo heavy-duty coffee mugs (I am drinking from one as I type) to commemorate the trip. I have never accepted gas coupons since. I can't afford them.

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