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Generic wormers?

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Mar 26, 2005
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I have used it before but is it really as good? I used generic ivermectin. Or am I better off with Cydectin, Eprinex or Dectomax? Valley Wet has 5 liters of generic for about $120.
Ivermectin has the same ingredients as Ivomec, just made by a different company. It works just as well, with a much lower price tag.
I've used it and thought it was as good as the name brand-- When I was in Billings in December, I was able to pick up some jugs at $100 a jug- breaks down to about $1.25 a cow--- Wasn't too long ago it was closer to $4-5 a head.....
all you have to do is look at the ingredients and thier %'s. ivomec and ivermectrin are the same thing, just a difference in brand name...
I'm wondering what you are going to use Ivomec for now?

Where we live we are definitely 'off season' for it. Too late for fall worming and wayyyyyyyy too early for strategic worming in spring. That wouldn't be til mid-June, first of July. If we don't get some moisture, we sure won't need to de-worm anything as it takes moisture and temperature for worms to be active.

Interesting the price on the Avermectin products came down about the same time as it lost effectiveness. Cattle are starting to show an immunity to it~running fecals after using it, often shows only 50% kill.

BTW, it has been our experience that Cydectin is the worst of the lot.
We use Safeguard products in the spring for some of the reasons that FH stated. Our turnout is just a bit earlier. If I was to use a pour on when going to spring pasture, I'd be tempted to go with Dectomax as it works in the system longer,
I agree PPRM. Safeguard is the product we use too. We use it in the very late fall/winter~December as a feed-through in the mineral. We run fecals in June and so far we've been pretty parasite free.

We can't get our cattle to eat mineral very well in June here, so we don't worm in the spring. We forced them to it one year, and those calves weighed 22 lbs. more than the other calves and they were off the two and three-year olds. So while we would like to worm 'stragegically' we aren't going to get them in and run them through the chute to do it.

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