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George or other old engine guys

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Feb 10, 2005
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My son was looking at a old Austin Western grader. Looks rough to me but the motor from the right side had a injection pump and the left side had spark plugs and a carburetor.? Is it a diesel that starts on gas? :?
Should be. Commonly referred to as a "pony motor".

FWIW, Do your son a favor and tell him to keep looking for a grader until he finds a CAT. CAT parts ain't cheap, but they are a helluva lot cheaper than parts for orphans. An old wrist breaking #12 shouldn't be terribly spendy, and will be a lot cheaper to own/run than about anything else.

Years ago my Dad bought a WABCO 777B with an 871 Detroit in it. He gave $25K for it, and that thing was big and would move the hell out of the dirt or snow. However, it never finished a job that it started. My best guess is he dumped another $75K into it and STILL it never finished a job it started. And it wasn't just the Detroit part, although it got overhauled, too. Transmisssion, finals, hydraulics. I think the W in WABCO stood for WEAK instead of Westinghouse. He bought an old #12 for not much and it was the Energizer Bunny, going and going and going. We unloaded the 777 at a heavy equipment auction and never even watched it sell. When the check came, it was for $5400. :shock: Dad was tickled to get anything for it.
Sounds to me like the old IH diesels. I would guess its a 4 cylinder? You start it on gas, let it warm up, then switch to diesel. I always liked that style of engine, but they are known to be hard on crank shafts. I never had to worry about anybody stealing the 4 different tractors I had that started that way, 'cause the average person, doesn't know how to start them.
I didn't know there were any graders in Saskatchewan. :? :???: :lol: 8) :wink:
per said:
I didn't know there were any graders in Saskatchewan. :? :???: :lol: 8) :wink:

that must be why he wants one... to be the only one :lol: :lol: :lol:

old cat equipment started with a pony motor , most times a lot more expensive to fix than the main motor. this one sounds like a ihc motor, starting on gas and switching to diesel. calgary public auctions usually has a wide assortment of graders at their sales.
per said:
I didn't know there were any graders in Saskatchewan. :? :???: :lol: 8) :wink:

:lol: :lol: It isn't it is in Montana. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thanks for the info guys. It must be a IH as it did have a couple IH guages on it. I'm not real crazy about him getting it as a little more and he could probably get something much better.
:agree: it might not take that much more, to get a lot better and newer. un less he's into antiques/collectables :wink: :wink:
It sounds to me like it is an engine simular to the MD Farmall. I believe it was a pretty good engine, but it does seem those who had one had some trouble with the engine heads. IH probably used simular engines on some of their other equipment also.

I have often wondered what Shepard's diesel engine was like. He first built them to put on the M Farmall, then buil a few tractors himself. It was said that you could repair the inecter pump with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver.
I just cut up an old Austin Western grader ( 1954) that had that engine in it - - - 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steer - - - On a bet I even hand cranked it a couple of times and really liked the machine but it was just worn out and heavy scrap was #390.00 a ton so I took the wheels off, drained the fluid and shipped it! I got rid of several old loaders, dozers, trucks etc. but the price dropped so I'm waiting till cold weather to cut more scrap.

If you need them I can probably find the owners and repair manuals to the grader. 30 years ago when I bought it I really used it a lot - - - started on gas ( about a 2 gal tank ) then when the temp gauge started up switched to diesel and with about 50 HP I could get a lot done!

The grader I have now is a 1985 JD 750A with the 125Hp diesel, power shift transmission, front grousers, front Vplow, quiet cab 14' blade and I get a lot more done but while I can articulate the machine and lean the front tires the old Austin was a great machine for her age!

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