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GF&P plane wreck pictures

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Liberty Belle

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Feb 10, 2005
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northwestern South Dakota
I'm not sure I know what I'm doing with this picture posting thing, but the brother of a guy who sometimes guns for the GF&P trapper and pilot sent me these pictures of the wreck just east of our ranch last Wednesday. Hope this works!

It's a miracle they lived through this.

OK - I'll try it again. Don't know if this is how you do it, but it might work.




And that, ladies and gentleman, is why I prefer to ride a horse. Tho' they have left me looking similar to that wreck, on several occasions! :shock: :lol:

Did all occupants walk away? Hope no one got hurt.

Southwest of us a lady I went to Highschool with, lost her 16 year old son today. He was working on his car and it fell on him, is the word I got.


I wish I knew why we had to always lose some of the young ones.
There was a close call here today. A mother with 4 kids in a Ford Crew Cab pickup pulled out in front of a little car, like a Neon. The little car went under the pickup and tipped it over. Luckily, the pickup pushed the car down into the pavement and stopped the car, or it would have sheared the top right off the car. The young man in the car came away with a broken nose, and no one in the pickup was hurt.


I would say!!!! :?
jinglebob - just heard about Jeff tonight. What a terrible thing. Did you know that his grandmother has been in the hospital in Rapid City for the last week or so after getting seriously hurt in a horse wreck at the ranch? Jeff's uncle who lives just south of us is just kind of numb. It's just been one bad thing after another for the family and they're really a nice bunch. Sure makes you wonder sometimes.

This plane crash should have had two fatalities, but the state trapper was able to walk for help and the GF&P pilot was transfered to Bismarck with "non-life-threatening" injuries. His face was cut up pretty bad and he lost a lot of teeth, but it sounds like he'll live too, although I have no idea how on earth either one of them could.
Are you talking about Carol? I hadn't heard about a horse wreck.

Good to hear that the guys in the plane were pretty much ok. Tho' the guy with the missing teeth might not think he should be classified as ok!
Not Carol, I don't know her. It's Todd's mother, Jenny, who suffered head injuries after getting bucked off while gathering cows. They were getting ready to brand and found her lying unconcious in the pasture. She's in rehab now, but things still don't look too good. She must be 70 years old and quite a horsewoman. Hope she makes it back to normal.
RE: Plane; That's called a hard landing, in the Sandhills. I'm very thankful all aboard are surviving.
RE: Horse wreck; my uncle (well into his 60's) rolled with his bronc two weeks ago, moving pairs. Way out in the country, and he was uncounciuos, so they called the chopper and flew him an hour and change. Broken ribs, concussion, and mangled ankle that took pins etc...
Doing much better than the guy the bull got, but still laid up for a while. The horse recovered much faster, lame for a couple of days. Tried to cut one back and hit a hole in the sand. Fluke deal.
Our thoughts and prayers are sure with the family going this terrible time. I can only imagine something worse than burying one too young (I've been there), but never anything worse I can think of.
Thanks for the pictures. I always like to look at the landscapes. Talk about wide open country. Not one pine tree.
heck that plane was made over in town...Afton Wyoming those husky take alot to be knocked down they can all most fly at a stand still and not stall... Aviat also makes a Pitts , spent alot of time watching them fly stuts when I sould of been haying...

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