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Go'n on a round-up

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Jan 3, 2010
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Go'n on a round-up----ride'n my oriental horse
named cow-a- sockee----it has 4 wheels of course
and with my partner----ride'n on yamma-ha-ha
sing'n yippi -i-yea----did ya see what i saw?

our saddles are plastic----no longer leather
but they shed water----and hold up in the weather
no tell'n how many we miss----hide'n in the brush
as we stay on the trails ----and are in no rush

with tools and wire----and salt in the back
if we need to haul feed----we can add on a rack
this 'drive' has changed plans----as we look for newborn
ride'n the oriental horse----with a loud saddle horn

we must take the lead----as the cattle will foller
as we make our way----down thru the holler
and back to the ranch----sing'n yippi-i-yea,did ya see what i saw?
go'n on a round-up----with a oriental horse,and a cowboy outlaw!!

written by Richard

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