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Good and Hot Sunday Greetings.....

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John SD

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Mar 16, 2005
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western SD
It seems Shortgrass is MIA today :?: Hope the heat didn't get to him :!:

Sure has a been a hot few days here with more to come. Man and beast still go about our daily business, but perhaps with a few modifications due to the heat.

The cattle here are enjoying waterholes to cool off in that were dried up a few years ago. I'm enjoying AC in my house today. The AC quit in my tractor. I'm adjusting to a different schedule in the hayfield in order to bale at night and early morning when temps are cooler. Many of the neighbors are also working at night and stay idle during the worst heat of the day.

Ya'all take care of yourselves and your livestock in this heat. Today let's include prayers for moderating temps and especially rain for our ranchers members in the severe drought areas.
Yeah, I was MIA. Was to a funeral at Parachute, Co, a little over 300 miles from my computer. Just got home, and it is hot here too.
I checked a couple of times today to see if you had a word for us. Hot and humid here too. Supposed to get hotter the next couple of days. We need to let The Lord guide us to work smart and safe in this hot weather.

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