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Good book

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Feb 11, 2005
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northern Nebraska Sandhills
While out in Cody, Wyoming, last week-end, I came across a great book. It is entitled DOCTOR DEWEY by Dr. DeWitt Dominick and Mary Dominick Chivers (his daughter). It is illustrated by Lucille N. Patrick, and contains stories from the life and career of Dr. DeWitt Dominick of Cody, Wyoming.

The book was published in 1996 by WordsWorth, 1285 Sheridan Avenue, Suite 230, Cody, Wyoming 82414

DeWitt Dominick, or "Dewey," was born on August 2, 1907, during a severe thunderstorm in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, where his mother was vacationing by the sea. One might say that the weather at his birth was a prophecy of the dramatic personality to follow, for Dewey would prove to an extroverted dynamo, one who would eventually find his home close to the Wyoming wilderness.

Dewey's first glimpse of Wyoming was occasioned by a visit to the Bar BC Ranch near Jackson as a youngster. He was so struck by the beauty of the ranch nestled beneath the Teton Mountains that he thought of it as a kind of Arcadia all his life. After graduation he returned to Jackson to work as a camp counselor, and a year later he helped launch a new camp at the Bar BC. He became an excellent horseman and an adept packer and guide.

Dewey graduated from Yale Medical School, and eventually moved to Cody, Wyoming, with his wife and young family to start a medical practice. He loved the great outdoors, and the book contains many spell-binding tales of his career as a doctor. House calls were a large part of his practice, and forays into the wilds of Wyoming on these ventures provided plenty of excitement. In later years, Dewey and his family bought a working guest ranch in the Sunlight Basin, and the 7D Ranch continues operation today, still in his family's ownership.

It is a very interesting collection of stories, with much historical significance, and I would highly recommend this book.
Heading into town next week for baler twine,refreshments and cartridges,ILL stop by the book store see if I can find me that good book for this winter ,thanks for the info Soapweed.............good luck

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