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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
GOOD CHRISTMAS MORNING TO YOU! The retailers have got the message all wrong. Their Christmas is about getting, spending, mostly making money and is marked with stress. Christmas actually began many years ago in a small village in Judea, called Bethlehem. It began by God giving us a gift we really needed, and one we also want. He gave His Son, and His Son gave, to us, His all. It was designed to bring peace on earth in the hearts of men. We received salvation for the asking. The world really changed after that night. We are no longer obligated to make sacrifices of animals, because Christ became the sacrifice for all of us. God's people became anyone who believed and accepted Him as Savior. His coming into the world changed everything. Even our measure of days and years (calendar) is marked as before Christ came and after He came. His coming into my life marked a changing point and I am the better for it, and He can do that for anyone who turns to Him! This Christmas eve, we spent at my daughters, and she read the old story again which I've heard many times, but it was fresh and it still thrills me. She read how Elizabeth felt much honored that the mother of our Lord came to visit her. I got kinda choked up when I said how honored we should feel because our Lord, himself, has visited us! I hope that story or that truth never becomes cold or unimpressive. I pray God that it will always humble me. Stop long enough today to read it again, as if for the first time, and you will have a good Christmas mornin'……….God Bless.
as always....BEAUTIFUL!!! As a single parent, trying to get Christmas gifts for my boys and grandbabies, i often find myself riddled with guilt because there is simply NO way i can get my boys the "fancy" gifts that society and the media tell us to get...the i-phones, the computers, the $100 shoes and such....i have been blessed with children who know how tough times are and also remember that CHRISTmas is NOT about the fancy gifts...it is a birthday party for Jesus, himself!! Happy Birthday, Jesus Christ!!! Thank you, shortgrass, for the beautiful reminder!! May you have a blessed and merry Christmas!!
Merry Christmas Rancher's and thanks again Shortgrass for your Sunday messages.

It's 3:30 am and just got back home from working a house fire this evening. The house is lost but no one was hurt, residents or firemen. In the darkest moments in this life, there is one light shining bright... the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All the possessions in the world can not hold a candle to his love.

God Bless and Be Safe
Thank you shortgrass for the message each and every Sunday. You are giving us one very special gift and I Thank you for sharing.
I hope we all remember those who are alone and away from family and friends this season. Sometimes the best gift we can give someone is an invitation to come over and join the celebrations. Please dont forget that lil old lady or man ...they are prob sitting home alone. Reach out and dont take No for an answer.

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