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Good day on the ranch

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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
It was a full day as we semen tested 30 bulls castrated 4 stud colts and vaccinated 3 dogs.. A young lady vet and a young lady tech showed up shortly after 9am just as my daughter and i were bringing the bulls in and getting them stacked up in pens to keep them from fighting. and we got started and kept at it until we were done. My 82 yr old father would haul the tested bulls back to pasture mostly 2 at a time where they will stay for another couple weeks until turn out. handleing big bulls is stressful but everthing went well and we all came out unscathed. time for a shower and bed. man it will feel good to night. :cowboy:
After semen testing all tyhose good black bulls -I don't think you'd be all that impressive Murgen-better stop in when they are at a ........(insert your small nutted breed of choice) lol.
Murgen said:
Were the lady vet and tech. good looking? Might be time for another visit!

The answer is Yes and Yes .. the vet a recent grad is just married a year and the tech a semi local girl has a steady so I think you would be out of luck.
we had a great prodictive day and they are most welcome to work on my stock any time. By the way I don't think a eastern boy could handle a western girl. Maybe. :wink: :wink: :wink:
But Muddy, you forget, I grew up West of you! Coming back out for Stampede, but I'm not sure I'll have time to get back your way. You weren't thinking of making it to Calgary were you? :D
Weren't you just at church with a young lady who has taken a shine to you?

Well BC, not sure how much of a shine she took to me, but she obviously thought I needed some divine help!

I think I better drop off a bit of ice at Murgen's place today

Speaking of which MLA, when are we going to meet for that coffee? Did you get the PM I sent a couple of weeks back?

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