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Good Day

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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It startedout wioth us finding a heifer with a bit of a calving glitch out on pasture-we got it straightened out and alive-she got up and kind of missed him but a gentle haze back and she decided being a momma cow wasn't all bad. The Phantom showed up and we sorted horses for the hoof trimmer Rocky Ross-him and his helper jenner Meston did an awesome job-with their table we trimmed,wormed and vaccinated 20 mares and cut trimmed, wormed,vaccinated and cut seven studs in just under two hours. The best gelding prospect had a belly nut but we got it removed ok. Ty and turned out horses then I drove him to Saskatoon to pick up his truck a 2006 megacab-camper goes on this weekend then the boys will be rodeoing hard all summer. The boss and other man are going to a draft horse deal leaving tomorrow so just me and the little paint are minding the fort. Was a good day all around!!!
Those bronco busters have it easy...a truck and a camper. A barrel chaser or calf roper would have way more gear. I understand you are not allowed to rodeo anymore without a $50,000 horse trailer.
Pass along a good summer luck wish (not so good he can afford to stop ranching though). :lol:
He's up in Vermillion Friday and saturday night-head on up there's some good broncs in the futurity and the sale. There's two to four guys travel together so by the time you save on hotels it works out not bad-two people can sleep pretty eassy on an air mattress if you lay the back seat down.
Rocky has a set of hydraulic hoof nippers those have to be the coolest things sure save alot of work. He did 440 horses at the Calgary Stampede ranch last week.

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