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Good for you, NYU!

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Some positive BEEF news for a change!

A Burger and Fries

New York University's night school is offering up "Hamburger Heaven," a one-night seminar that promises to foster a keener appreciation of America's favorite sandwich.

"I'm not really teaching anything," instructor George Motz (search) admitted to the New York Post. "It's really more of a hamburger conversation."

Motz, 36, is a bit of an expert on the matter. The Brooklyn-based filmmaker recently completed a movie entitled "Hamburger America," a documentary in which he traveled 12,000 miles around the country looking for the perfect burger.

"People don't treat the hamburger with the amount of respect that they should," lamented Motz. "It's been overlooked for decades."

Continuing-education students who cough up $100 for the non-credit seminar, which takes place Oct. 5, will first watch the movie, then be instructed on hamburger detection.

"Simply put, I'm going to teach them how to spot a great burger," explained Motz. "It's amazing how easy it is to screw up."

He doesn't want to give away all his secrets, but Motz said look for place that sells a lot of burgers, and makes them simply.

"The more you treat the meat, the worse it gets," Motz says.

The course offering has proven so popular that the school has asked Motz to offer it again in the spring.

Other culinary seminars offered by NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies include "Chinese Characters for Chinese Food Lovers," "Get to Know All-American Cheese" and "Born in Bubbles," an exploration of champagne.

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