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Feb 10, 2005
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ennis, montana
hello, all!! well, we have almost made it through another week...thank goodness!! wanted to wish all of you the very best for friday and for a great weekend!! things here are better than they COULD have been....all things considered....the 15 year old escaped with only a wounded ego and the 17 year old foster daughter has learned a very important lesson when driving...PAY ATTENTION!! Oldtimer....thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement and for "defending" my 15 year olds choice to drive...yes, in many rural areas, driving is not for "fun"...it is a necessity!!! it will be some time, however, before she is driving again....the one estimate for repairs was $4500!! a small price, though, when you consider what COULD have happened!! could not hold her tight enough when she got home!! as for you, Chief....as a NURSE, i, too, have seen more than my share of injured (and dead) kids from cars wrecks!!! i am just so very grateful that she was not one of the less fortunate ones!! for everyone out there who let me "vent"...my deepest gratitude!! your kind words will be with me (and my daughter, Jessica) forever!! may all of you have the BEST friday, yet!! take the time to tell the ones you love how you feel.....you never know "when" (or "if") you will get the chance again!! it only takes a minute and means the world!!!
thank you and God bless

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