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Good morning - We don't have snow either!

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Feb 10, 2005
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N.E. Oregon
Good morning all,
Should've cleared cleared things up about my calf picture. She is an AI calf and was born in Jan. back when we had a wee bit of snow. Yesterday morning it was 22 degrees, got up to 54 8) Sure is nice for calving but won't be this summer. Unless that inch of rain comes every sunday!! We're seeing buttercups and wild celery, the grass is starting to grow. Have a nice day :)
nicky, here in southwest montana, we are preparing for our 7th year of "beyond extreme" drought.....mountains here look like they should in june...not february!!! our only salavation is a very, very wet spring!!! folks around here are already checking their wells and doing rain dances!! our prayers are with you, too!! good luck!!
We are all concerned over the lack of snowpack in the mountains. John Pulasky, the weatherman said this morning the mountains are 300% less than normal snowpack. Whatever that means, we know it isn't good.

Sometime, this weather pattern has got to change. After all, it always rains after a drought!

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