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Good morning

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Hi Fletch,
Where are you in northern MI? I have a sister in Onekama, Manistee County MI.
Fletch said:
nr, I am in the north eastern lower peninsula, I know where Onekama is. problably 150 miles from us

Pretty country you live in. They built a home right on edge of Lk Mich. and see all manner of birds and beasts. Some nice animals, too! :wink:
Hey There:
Houghton Lake currently but I have property in Ionia county that I am planning to build house and barn on. Ever hear of Sunfield? (Just a small town.)Trying to sell my house here!
Know a turkey hunter from Sunfield but am drawing a blank on his name. Think he use to work at the post office. use to camp on the back of our farm and turkey hunt in the spring. haven't seen him in a long time. nice to meet you.
Thanks! Right back at ya! I have a niece in Ossineke I am surprised you know where Sunfield is. That is where I was raised (not IN Sunfield but that was our address)
Was your farm that he hunted on down there too??
I'll say it is!! I have "lurked" on this site occasionally but haven't posted until the new format change. I am just a small time breeder trying to get started and will never be or have what many of these fine folks have established. I try to read and get as much information as I can about cattle. Like they say: "Learn form the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself".

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