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Good news HAY Jason!

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Feb 14, 2005
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Calgary Alberta
I'm so glad that I entertain you Jason, but crap like this as well as your posts defending these moves make me sick.

This message from the Alberta Beef Producers website:

Cargill Announcement Recognizes Growing Strength of Canadian Packing Sector
The Canadian Cattlemen's Association (CCA) says the announcement by Cargill Ltd. of the purchase of a second major packing facility in Canada shows that the growing strength of Canada's beef processing sector is being recognized internationally.

Cargill, which already operates a major beef processing facility in High River, Alberta, recently announced production cuts at seven U.S. facilities due to the tight supply of market-ready cattle and the continued closure of the U.S. border to Canadian cattle. Cutbacks have taken place at Cargill plants in Plainview and Friona, Texas; Dodge City, Kansas; Schuyler, Nebraska; Fort Morgan, Colorado; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Wyalusing, Pennsylvania.

A strategic plan to reposition the Canadian beef cattle industry has been developed by the beef industry to be effective whether or not there is a prolonged disruption of the U.S. market. A key aspect of that plan is expanding slaughter capacity in Canada. While the CCA and ABP continue to work with new entrants to the packing industry to remove any impediments to their sustainability, the announcement from Cargill is welcomed as recognition by a world-renowned meat processor of the advantages of operating in Canada.

"Canadian slaughter increased 24 per cent in 2004 and is expected to increase a further 19 per cent by the end of 2007," says CCA President Stan Eby. "It's clear that Cargill wants to be part of that growth. Other aspects of the strategic plan to reposition the Canadian beef cattle industry include building on the Canadian advantage of our mandatory cattle identification program to include age verification, and aggressive expansion of international markets for Canadian beef."
Whats your point Randy? I'm glad slaughter capacity is increasing. Isn't that what you want too?

Or is it just the big bad packers you don't like? What if XL bought that plant? Would that have been better? It seems to me that Cargill stepped up and offered the most money for that facility. Maybe the gov't should have stopped the deal and forced the owners to sell to a small group that maybe could pay 10% of what the plant sold for.

I don't get the whine about big players deal. If you want to compete, do it. If you can't do something else.

If your group gets up and running I will give you the same chance to bid on my few fats as I give anyone else.
I would have been alot happier if the announcement would have been Cargill building new slaughter capacity instead of buying an existing plant. Any idea why the previous owner sold the plant in the first place? You'd think that would be a good business to be in right now.
You know Jason, you can talk smart about me calling Cargil "the big bad packers", but your childish approach to this very obvious play by Cargil to hold even more control of the Canadian packing industry is sickening.

Guys like you think you have this thing all figured out don't you. Smart as a lemer I say. Follow your Cargil buddy right down the road to prosperity Jason. And while you are at it, high five Stan Eby for me on the way by, will you.

Canada had the best chance they may ever have had to break away from this American packing plant dominance, but genious's like yourself saw no point in it. Support for some producer owned packing facilities is far too much effort for someone like you who has it all figured out. Don't worry about a levy funded packing industry bidding on your cattle sir, ain't going to happen. The only people in this country who have the ability to get any attention from our government are cheering on Cargil just like you.

Keep posting your truth about business, and how your buddies are simply making money because it is there to be made.

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