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Good Reading??

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Hanta Yo

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Feb 11, 2005
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South Central Montana
Any of you out there have some good reading? Always looking for something to grow with, to learn from. Give your top five.

My top 5 are:

1) Hanta Yo

2) James Herriot series, "All Creatures Great and Small", etc.

3) The Lone Cowboy by Will James

4) Monte Walsh by Jack Schaefer

5) She who remembers
Deliver Us From Evil - Shawn Hannity

Useful Idiots - Mona Charen

An American Life - Ronald Reagan

Let Freedom Ring - Shawn Hannity

Dereliction of Duty - Lt. Col. Robert "Buzz" Patterson, USAF (Ret.)

Every one of these should be required reading in our high schools.
A Charge to Keep-George W. Bush

The Education of Little Tree-Forrest Carter

The Faraway Horses-Buck Brannaman

The Time it Never Rained-Elmer Kelton (Fiction)

I like Dick Francis books for light reading. They always are exciting. (Fiction)

The Man Who Listens to Horses-Monte Roberts (His family says the book is not true, but it is good reading. The family bought an ad in Performance Horse Magazine denouncing the book.) He also has written a paperback that has merit, "Horse Sense for People." He speaks to Corportations that are having labor/employee problems and teaches them how to treat employees. It's worth reading, though not my favorite book. He touches on some interesting concepts.
Glad you liked it too, BB.

I read that book right after he was elected President and I think it has a lot of bearing on why I think so highly of GWB. That, and that he stands for decency, high morals, Christian values, AMERICA, and much, much, more. He gives me HOPE.
Faster horses said:
Glad you liked it too, BB.

I read that book right after he was elected President and I think it has a lot of bearing on why I think so highly of GWB. That, and that he stands for decency, high morals, Christian values, AMERICA, and much, much, more. He gives me HOPE.

Let's see...books i like....been awhile since i read for pleasure...last several books i have read were
advanced chemistry
abnormal psychology

the hubby is the true book reader...will read a box of wheaties if he does not have a good book to read :) he is currently reading the reader's digest...page for page :)

last good book i read was "The Horse Whisperer"....MUCH better than the movie...even though i liked the movie...the book went into much more detail and the ending was not as "nice"
ranchwife, if you liked the Horse Whisperer, you will really like "The Faraway Horses."

It is terrific. Buck had such a terrible time as a child, it is amazing what he has done with his life. What he has done for the horses is TRUE STUFF, not fiction like the Horse Whisperer (though Buck Brannaman was the inspirtation for the character, Tom Booker.) The Faraway Horses is like nothing you have ever read before, or at least it was like nothing I had ever read before.

I just bought his newest book, "Believe" but it isn't even close to the first one. This one is more or less advertisement for him, the way I see it. The first book is about agony, abuse, joy, life, compassion, healing, growing, learning, bonding, friendship, beauty and LOVE.
did read a fascinating "trilogy" a year or so ago...Dave Pelzer's books on his life...tear jerkers, though, so get out the hankies
1) a child called it
2) boy (something...hell can't remember :shock:
3) man called dave
these books were awesome and told about his very abused childhood...made ya wanna take your own children in your arms and just hold them for awhile and be very grateful!!!
Just finished reading a novel by Wallace Stegner which won big awards when it came out Crossing to Safety. So well written, rich in detail about friendship, its blessings and burdens and how poverty can be refining and wealth a curse. It was so good I'm re-reading it.

Faster Horses- Dick Francis is one of my favorite quick-read authors.

Ranchwife- my condolences you've been into Advanced Chemisty. It too shall pass!! LOL I read The Boy Called It and the trilogy- just reading the first book would have given the core of it thought the last book had the happy ending. They should be required reading.

Thanks for this thread. Always looking for something different to read.
Me too!! I love getting lost in a good book.

My husband is reading "Grass Beyond the Mountains" again. That is his favorite. Ours was falling apart so I got him a new one for Christmas. He really isn't much of a reader, neither is our daughter. Too bad, they miss a lot. Nothing like a good book.

Has anyone read Dr. Phil's, "Family First" and if so, what did you think of it? I have not read it, but suggested it to our daughter who is a single mom with a delightful son and a weird ex-husband.
heres some more.
Monte Walsh
Grass beyond the Mountains
Faraway Horses
Smokey the cowhorse
Trails plowed under
Rancher Takes a Wife
Bob Fudge, Texas trail driver, Montana/Wyoming cowboy

Bob Fudge is a short read, but very worth it. That is why all of you need to get oldtimers to tell their stories and get them written down, the history is amazing. I cannot believe how tough those guys were, we have things so easy compared. The Faraway Horses is amazing, I had no idea of Buck's past, only from the time he was at MSU forward, I know most of the people in the book, but was totally ignorant of his upbringing. Got to the end and started all over.
Just got done with the detective novels by Dennis LeHane. Gritty. I enjoyed them.

James Patterson, John Sandford are great if you like cop/detective stories.

Anything about the west and the true stories of this part of the country 100 years ago.

Breaking Smith's Quarterhorse and the rest of Paul St Pierre's books are great too.

I too will read the cereal box if there is nothing else, thats probably why I read this site too much! :lol:
Ahhhhh, yes! The Patrick McManus books were great. What was the name of the one where he shot the big buck deer and tied it on a bicycle with him and started down the mountain. The deer came to and in struggling to get away, started peddling the bike? That was hilarous!

I had forgotten about Patrick McManus.

Also, the Spike Van Cleve books are very good. A Day Late and A Dollar Short and 40 Years Gatherin's.
my 9 year old wanted me to post his favorites

1) hank the cowdog (any of the series...stupidest damn dog :lol: )

2) Flint--by louis lamour (because that's his name...Flint)

3)My Brother Sam is Dead (the kid is such a history buff....)

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