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Good Sunday Mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
We drove 10 hours today. The scenery changed, the peole changed, the taste of the water even changed. The same ol' sun kept watch over us all the way. As we journey through life,the scenery will change, but the Son will watch over us all the way. Pretty simple thought, and yet pretty profound truth! Have a good Sunday mornin' and a good rest of the week, too.

I was thinking as I went to bed that it is the same sun that warmed my father and mother, my grandma and grandpa, you folks in BC and you folks in south Texas, even Whitewing in Venezula. Although it is a different season for him, there is but one sun, over all.
I use to tell my kids when they went to camp or away for the weekend if they got lonely, at night look up at the moon.....I will be looking at the same moon and we would be connected.
Thanks shortgrass I needed that rememberance.
Father's Homily at Mass this morning really touched home with me. It's easier to say No than it is to say Yes. When one says no, especially to a child, it's because you have their best interests at heart and compared it to Christ saying no to the temptations when He was in the Desert for those 40 days because he had our best interests at heart.

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