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Good Sunday Mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
I have a cute story that illustrates a spiritual truth. My 5 year old grandson ask his mom "why does daddy always remind us we are the Smiths after church? Their last name is Smith, and Daddy is the pastor. Finally, my daughter gets the drift. His dad was saying "You are dismissed." I laugh, but sure understand how it happened. Well, as we study God's word, we need to be careful to hear is what is being said. It is so easy to hear what we want to hear, or what we think we heard is not at all what He actually said to us. Bible study takes a lot of humility and prayer. Have a good Sunday mornin' and enjoy those grandkids!
LOL Shortgrass! Kids certainly see things in a different way than we do sometimes! Now I gotta tell my own cute story from yesterday. 8)

I was coming home from a farm sale a long way from home. Stopped in Lemmon SD which is on the ND/SD border for lunch at the Alaska Cafe. Don't ask me why they call it the Alaska Cafe in Lemmon SD. :???:

I and some other customers scored some free birthday cake along with my meal as the owner's grandchild was celebrating a 5th birthday. The cake itself was baked into a pretty good resemblence of the cafe building. You should have seen the kids reaction when grandma started cutting the corner of the building and through the roof. :eek:

Sometimes God allows us into an unexpected situation for an unexpected treat. All we need to do is go with the flow. :wink:

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