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Good Sunday Mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
All across the ranchlands of America a lot of Cattlemen, like myself, are being "serenaded" by some unhappy calves and or their dams. Why do we treat our cattle so mean as to make them bawl? Sort of sad it would seem to the inexperienced. As cattlemen, we understand it is a necessary and beneficial part of their lives, even if they do find it uncomfortable. I wonder if the Lord doesn't expect some of our bawling about uncomfortable things that He knows will be to our benefit in the long haul? Bet He does. I also bet some of the things that would seem almost mean to us are just a necessary part of maturing as a Christian. Our God is so evident in every aspect of our lives, is He not? Have a good Sunday mornin' and a fine rest of the week, too.
I sold some calves and weaned the rest on Friday. When I got home from the sale well after dark there was a lot of bawling going on in the corral which was a good sign.

Next morning at daylight it was just too quiet. I went to check and only 2 calves left in the corral which had a very small hole broken through the old windbreak boards. The aroma of a black and white striped kitty lingered in the damp morning air. Kinda made me want to bawl too. :roll: :wink: :eek:

The weather is still nice and I didn't want chores to do every day anyway. There will be a rematch betwen man and beast at a later date. 8)
Great message!

We are doing the pasture weaning system here, since five or six years back. It seems to ease the 'trauma' of separation when they can see each other, exchange 'news of the day', and even lick one another through the fence at the communal water tank in the fenceline. Soon, both parties realize the 'grass is better, maybe even greener' further from the fence, and spend very little time together, knowing they can return to the tank when they need to re-connect. Within a couple of weeks, the calves are ready to take on the responsibility of feeding themselves.

With the reassurance gained from our 'fenceline feeding' at church services, figuratively through 'drinking in' the message, and literally through communion, we can relate weaning to taking our faith 'outside' the church in our daily lives as we move about in our communities 'feeding ourselves' by sharing Gods' love for all of us with those whose lives we touch.

The best lesson I got at home was " when you graduate you're weaned ". That's been a good number of years ago, but I still remember the weather that day.
My folks say they felt guilty, but I learned I felt gifted by an upbringing that prepared me for my own life. Evidently I must have been fenceline weaned, because it wasn't very traumatic.

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