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Good Sunday Mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
I posted earlier in the week about some of the stress in our personel lives the for the last little bit. Gcreek mentioned that the Lord will guide our paths. I can see His hand, and it is reassuring to see how He directed our steps during the tough times. He directs our steps on a daily basis, and I am so often oblivious to His leading when I am having fun. I need to wake up and smell the roses! God cares for us and wants to be an active participant in our daily activities............that is pretty awesome when you think about it. Walk with Him, after all He is walking with you. Have a good Sunday mornin' and God bless.
Glad you are back, Shortgrass. Your "Good Sunday Mornin' " message was greatly missed last week.

We are also glad that the Good Lord directed your steps and smoothed out the road to make easier traveling for you. It is reassuring to know that He is always available to offer guidance and direction, if we let Him.
Thanks Shortgrass. Everything happens for a purpose, but sometimes only God knows that purpose. God is always there to walk with us, or carry us when necessary.

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