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Good Sunday Mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
Pikes Peak sure looks like a different mountain from the Eastern prairies than from the Northern slope. Where you stand, your perspective, when you look at something will sure change the appearance. For instance, when I was a teen, sixty looked really old; today seventy doesn't seem too old. A different perspective is the only difference. Did you ever question why someone did something you viewed as dumb? Ever remember wondering why you ever did something so stupid? Has a lot to do with your perspective at the time. Boy, I wish I could see things from God's perspective. Just makes a lot of sense to try to see a thing from His viewpoint, maybe just talk things over a bit……….bet that would help me make some better judgments. Have a good Sunday mornin' and God bless............and, remember, spring forward.
Thanks, Shortgrass. As a kid, my two favorite days of the year were Christmas and branding day. It seemed then, that when those days were done, it would be "forever" before they rolled around again the next year. Your observation about "perspective" helps to explain this. As a five year old kid, a year is 20 percent of a lifetime. At age fifty, a year is only two percent. Now at age 60, it seems like only yesterday when we had to fiddle with the clocks and fix them for daylight "savings" time just last spring. :roll: :)
Shortgrass, I just got an e-mail from a friend in Florida. She and I both worked at the Moose Head Ranch in Jackson Hole, back in 1970. She faithfully reads Ranchers.Net, and even though she isn't registered, she wanted to pass this on for your Perspective topic of today.

"God sees the whole parade, we just see the floats."

Thanks, Beth. :)

Along the same topic, it has long been my observation that during a parade, little kids are so busy trying to collect penny candy that they miss seeing the parade. Rather like a person stooped over trying to pick up a penny, when someone comes along and steals the billfold containing lots of money out of their hip pocket. :?

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