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Good Sunday Mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
It sounds like Leanin' H has found himself in a leadership position in the cattlemen's association. I am sure he will do well. This morning, I did a devotional at the Men's Breakfast. I chose to identify a basic characteristic of leadership. I compared personalities found in Isaiah 14 and John 17. Isaiah 14 speaks of when Satin was cast out of heaven. In his heart he said "I will" several times. In John 17 Christ prayed for "them" repeatedly. One was all about me, mine and my will, the other was about they, them and Thy will. A selfish person will never make a good leader. They may have a leadership position, but they will not be a good leader. All too often I see some guy waving his bible around as if it were a club to beat his wife into submission. All the while he has no thought as to the needs, wants and opinions of his family. He really is not leading his family. Have a good Sunday mornin', and God bless…..

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