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Good Sunday Mornin'

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Sep 25, 2006
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Eastern Colorado
Well, this Easter finds me at Sis's place in Ok. We were at a funeral in central Ks, and Jan thought I should come see my sis since we were halfway there already. She hitched a ride home with neighbors. She is doing chores and watching cattle. I will go home tomorrow so that I can be to another funeral on Tuesday. I think that will be 7 funerals in about the last month. I thank God for Easter! He conquered death so that our funeral does not have to be "Good bye"; instead it can be a "See Ya Later." If we know Him as our Savior, then this world is not our home! There is a better home awaiting! Thank God for His unspeakable gift! Have a good Sunday mornin' and God bless.
Thanks, Shortgrass. I have been to two funerals the past two days myself. Both were for fine Christian ladies who are now in Heaven. It is sure much easier attending a funeral when you just know the stars of the show were Christians. There is a peaceful rejoicing and celebration for their lives. The thought has gone through my mind at such times, "No worries, mate." :)
we have a houseful here today Shortgrass and they all read your
message and we all thank you so much for your insightful
contribution each week.

I told them they were always to the point and always good. :D
Thank you and Happy Easter. HE IS RISEN!
Sure was cool watching the kids run around the yard looking for eggs this morning, instead of running out to work.

Really makes you realize whats important in life. Live every moment like its the last.

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