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Good Trip

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Just got home from a three day trip looking at cattle-saw lots of great black cattle at S.S.A.P's had a good visit and great hospitality-some pretty good spotted horses too. Cut across to Alberta through the Cypress Hills and checked out my heifer supplier's calves and dropped off a bunch of semen. Then drove through 500 miles of rain back home-can't complain about that.
Northern Rancher
We saw 500 drops of rain after driving around all day!
We sure enjoyed having you - even though you were man-handling and tackling the young'ins around here ... LOL (Don just told me about that last night!) I expect it would have made a good picture.
And folks ... Northern Rancher is real tall just like the hubby and I :wink:
Northern Rancher said:
... that cat-like quickness of mine lol.

Well let me put it this way .... if I would have been there I would have been laughing to hard to take a picture! :lol:

I brought the pair in to treat last night - I think you three did more harm than good ... :roll: Just kidding! At the time I didn't know the calf had already been treated.

Next time you're down in our neck of the woods, stop in. (maybe we'll have a horned animal for you wrestle down or you can have a go at "Romeo") :wink: :lol:
I could sneak some good Fraser Horned Hereford bulls in there if you'd sell me the baldies. Did Darby mention who got all covered in crap when we captured that calf-not moi lol.
SSAP, I don't think your "horned" animals would be that hard to wrestle, the one I saw was just waiting for me to mount his horns and BBQ the meat! By the way if I could buy those off of you when you're finished looking at them, I'd like to get them and the skull. Tam does some great painting on skulls and I'd like to get one sometime!
Sounds like I just missed Northern Rancher in my travels, maybe next time I'm out, we'll meet. I bet you he wasn't sorting out 2 blacks of 80 at 12:30 am!
Northern Rancher - our neighbors would never let us live it down if we ran a horned hereford, we've been trying to convince them to run black bulls for I don't know how long. :) But I do agree with you - a baldy makes a nice crossbred mamma. And to Darby, a little crap on him usually means I have to run the washer through a cycle with no clothes to clean it!!! :mad:

Murgen - I'll let you know if those two cows come back cycling - are you three even sure :shock: you A.I.'d the right ones?! :!: Seems like "three men" and cows need me as supervisor in the future :D
And when Romeo does go to the big pasture in the sky, I'll take Tam the skull and send you a picture of her work :D 8) (maybe send you a rib-bone or something - LOL)
Oh sure Northern Rancher - get your Alberta supplier mad at us for stealing business :|
I bet there would be one shocked man :shock: and a few black cows taking a second look at their offspring! :???:
Mind you ..... if we kept a few, Murgen might be able to find those ones in the dark easier :D

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