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goodbye Northern Rancher

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Big City

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Mar 19, 2012
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Well it's a sad day for sure I just saw that Northern Rancher has passed. I don't even remember how I stumbled on to this site I'm not a rancher, I don't even live in ranch country I live in NY. Guess I've just always loved the wide open country of the USA and Canada and started reading post on here. I have never posted a thing but I've always enjoyed reading Northern Ranchers post and looking at the pictures he posted.He seemed like such a good guy, you could tell he loved life, ranching, hunting. his family ! This might seem funny, a guy from the east coast posting about a rancher he never met but he just always came across as just a great person. I knew he was sick and when I saw he had passed I felt a little sad so in his honor I thought I would register and post my farewell to him. I am sure he will be missed by all.
Yes, we will all miss Northern rancher. We are all praying for his family and hope they can recover from their loss.

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the rancher's net family. Don't be afraid to post something. Everything doesn't have to be about ranching, I bet there is a lot of things we can learn from you too.
May then grass be deep, the horses good, the cattle content, the hard labor behind, his labors past. Rest well
Very nice gesture BigCity. Hope you stick around and post more. No one here ever said one had to own or live on a ranch to be able to post.

I have not been able to post much because my hay baling work has not allowed it. I was not aware that NR had passed away. When did we lose him?

He will definitely be missed.
I have been pretty busy myseft lately and didn't know about him passing until the other day. I know he is riding the happy trails in the sky checking his Herfords. RIP Northern Rancher one day we will all be with you :cowboy:

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