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GoodBye To A Legend

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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The great bareback and saddle bronc horse Airwolf died last week in retirement at franklin's ranch. He was world champion in both events and the world record saddle bronc ride of 95 was set on him by Glen o'Neil in innisfail. I wss lucky enough to see him several times here in Meadow Lake he was a bronc through and through nasty to get out on and incredibly rank. Shane cloned him a few years ago-be interesting if he can hold a candle to the old man.
The best I ever saw . Watched him get Rod Hay at the CFR in the third jump. We were in the third row in the building and I swear you could see the top of the chutes under his belly in the first jump. This is one time I hope cloning works and they raise some more like him.
cody Wright was 93 today on Outlaw buckers Tequila Howl at the Match of champions-he's usually in the 'Pick your Poison' pen at Oyen. Ty won the long go there last year but that's a tough six broncs they bring out to pick. Wayne vold's Pedro was on cover of last Pro sports News-Darcy Hollingsworth raised him-man there are great horses up here.

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