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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
Google is more than you think - - Experiment if you want to play around and learn - - Start with - - Search ==> Google Desk Top or Google World or try other words - - - I use = => Google Desk Top for Mac - - - I've learned Some Short Cuts and "a reason why"

On Mac

Junk Mail Privacy

As annoying as junk mail is, there's something even worse about the move to HTML spam. If you display a piece of spam that uses HTML, the images aren't embedded in the email itself, your mail client goes out to the net and loads the images from the webserver associated with the spam originator. The URL's in the spam encode info such as your email address so they know that the email got through and that a person actually loaded - this allows them to put a big check box by your name in the active database.

Panther Mail to the rescue with two important features. First of all, when we detect that an email message is spam, Mail refuses to load any external URLs to make sure that the originating site never gets any hint that the message was received.

Second of all, you can instruct Mail to always refuse to load HTML images and objects so you can decided exactly when Mail talks to external websites.

It's sad that any of this is necessary, but Mail takes important steps to help preserve your privacy on the net.
the_jersey_lilly_2000 said:
google also will give you and address and name for any phone number you type in the search bar if it's a listed number.

Not Always :!:

If your Name and Addres pop up there is a way to block that action in the future - - ours has been blocked for years.

I've forgotten exactly how but I tell ALL women they should do this If they give their Phone Nimber Out to anyone

Women have been shock when I send them their Name Address and a map with a Red Star on their Phone Numbers Address

"Women" - - Block this NOW :!:

Oh :!: - Send me your Phone Nmber and a Revealing Picture FIRST :shock:

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