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Got to love Stupidity!

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canadian angus

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northwest Saskatchewan
Fellow who has a Oil field consultant job, is on time off because of spring breakup. Went to the local watering hole and filled up, by the following actions, too full!

As he left the town he encountered not one but two light standard, and removed them with his Chevy truck. This where it gets humourous. His truck is equiped with On Star. It recognizes that the truck has been in an accident, tries to call him.

No he is on a mission to get away from the scene. On Star recieves no answer so it presumes he is injured and calls Police and Ambulance. Tries to call again and sees by GPS the truck is moving. The only logical thing can be it is stolen! Now paying good money to On Star is a good thing, use it in an emergency!

Well the story ends, by On Star giving Police the GPS coordinants, and shuts the Truck off.

Luckily no one was hurt, but wonder who is going to drive him around for his job now?

CA :twisted:

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