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June 17, 2005

Tom Whitehill Memorial in Nebraska Nets $28,000

(Billings, Mont.) – A fund-raiser last month at O'Neill, Neb., in memory of Tom Whitehill generated $28,000 for R-CALF USA and Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska (ICON). Whitehill, who resided in Holt County, was the first R-CALF USA state membership chair for Nebraska. Thanks to his hard work, Holt County now boasts more than 321 R-CALF USA members of the 2,500 in Nebraska.

ICON, along with Shamrock Livestock owners Richard and Suzanne Schrunk, organized the event and invited R-CALF President and Co-Founder Leo McDonnell to speak. Events included a rollover calf sale, a silent auction and a live auction. A dinner and dance followed.

"Events like this are unprecedented in the cattle industry and certainly it is great to have such a large fund-raiser like this in the heart of Nebraska cattle country," McDonnell said.

Chris Abbott is R-CALF USA's current state membership chair for Nebraska, as well as a director for ICON. He said it was a great honor to be a part of the Tom Whitehill Memorial.

"The folks I've met over the years in this area of Nebraska really make you feel at home and appreciate what we are doing for the cattle industry and rural America," Abbott said.

Don and Geraldine DeGroff, owners of Fountain Valley Ranch in Atkinson, Neb., donated the calf for the sale. Great Western Bank, Sack and Save, Torpin's Rodeo Market, Ag Services, Anson Insurance, Pinnacle Bank, Sidak Feed & Trailer Sales, Progressive Nutrition, McDonald's, and Farm Credit Services sponsored the meal. Jimmy Hansen and The Good Old Boys provided entertainment and music.

Auction items included a star quilt, donated by Littau Angus Ranch, and handmade spur straps, donated by Kevin Homewood. Other auction items were donated by the following ranchers and businesses: Farm Credit Services; Agricultural Services; Torpin's Rodeo Market; Sack 'N' Save; Anson Insurance; Sidak Feed and Trailer Sales; Progressive Nutrition/Steve Peterson; McDonald's; KBRX radio; Bomgaars; Emmet Hay Company; O'Neill Lumber; Barb Otto; Kevin Homewood; Von Mosel Lawn Mowing Service; Littau Angus Ranch; I Flipped Over U Ranch; Chris Abbott; Vicki Whitehill and Kylee Whitehill; Wright Quarter Horses; Landmark Angus; Helen Martens; Dale Papstein; Mary Pospichal; Boots and Saddle Club; Earl Laddine and Tony Sanderson; Jan McNichols/Emerald Spa; O'Neill Shopper; Rick Nolze; Triple R Tire; Brenda Koening; Gary and Bobbi Soukup; Pinnacle Bank; Circle G; Blarney Stone; Pizza Hut; Tia Zia; Doug Derschied/O'Neill Car Wash; O'Neill Pharmacy; Tony and Susan Sanderson; Mike and Martha McCabe; Sue Wageman and Mom; Darrin Grimes; Woita Family; O'Neill Lumber, LTD; Steve Walnofer; Herbert Feed & Grain; Richard Sobotka; Matt Lowery; Golden Harvest/Clifford Dick; Lowell Fisher; Shamrock Livestock Market; Long Branch Saloon; Sunrise Floral & Gift; Mellor Manufacturing; Hrbek Ranch; Shamrock Nursery; Fox Bros. Hay Grinding; Claude Cole, Gladys Cole, and Bruce Cole; Carhart Lumber-Bloomfield; Frontier Ag Services, LLC; Roger's Yamaha; Verdigre Farm Service and B&C Feed; Central Valley Co-op.

Contributors included: Fountain Valley Ranch, Inc./Don and Geraldine DeGroff; Dave and Lynn Nichols; Elda Mae Linquist; Richard and Suzanne Schrunk; Bob and Joyce Beelaert; Jim and Evadene Boettcher; Gary and Bonnie Hines; Lyle Lemmer; Knox Ranch; Melvin and Pat Knox; Dwaine and Ann Koenig; Mike and Martha McCabe; Tom Walnofer; David Vainreb; Robert Kaup; Larry and Deb Nelson; Wes and Marilyn Palmer; Woita Ranch; Dan Schneider; Jim Schneider; Wayne and Janice Hoffman; Marvin and Vlada Young; Grant and Rachel Nielsen; Dave and Louise Vanevery; Chris Harvey; Shane Kaczor; Terry Kucera; Tom Reimers; Wayne and Cherie Bonifas; Abbott Cattle Co.; Roe and Mary Jan Hurtig; Junior and Charlene Young; Steve and Kathy Wenger; Les and Janice Graham; Merlyn and Nila Schrunk; Leo and Deb McDonnell; Bar 6, Inc.; Don and Kelly Cameron; John and Carol Hammerlun; Ag West Feeds, Inc.; Robert Randall; Warren and Carol Funk; Jimmy and Jennifer Burtwistle; Ericson-Spalding Livestock Market; Dougherty/Ruther; Horseshoe Trust; Rodney and Linda Hibbs; Pelster Bros.; Jean Pease; Ray Getting; Kelly Hammerlun; TJ Zark; Clark Ranch; Curtis and Carol Kalkowski; Al and Brenda Walnofer; Bob Berigan/Shamrock Land & Cattle; Paul Nelson; Tier One Bank; State Farm Insurance; David and Peg Sidak; Earl Lyddane; Landmark Angus/Greg and Janet Todd; Larry and Deb Nelson; Pat and Veronica Langan; James and Diane Shoemaker; Sobotka Cattle & Hay; Helen Martens; Mike and Mary Pospichal; The 88 Ranch; Leroy and Dawn Littau; Dale Papstein; Vicki Whitehill and Kylee Whitehill; Ed Sladek and Sons; I Flipped Over U Ranch; Davidson Ranch; Steven Kreitman; Richard and Kathleen Sobotka; Gary and Bobbi Soukup; Ted Baum; Robert and Bernadine Walnofer; Theodore Meyer; Hrbek Simmentals/Mike and Kathy Hrbek; Hrbek Ranch/Dennis and Dottie Hrbek; Doug and Katie Wrede; Turtle Creek Ranch; Jeff Carr; J.D. Kreiger; Ken and Patty Barnes; Roger and Linda Yusten; Jess and Natalie Ethington; Jim and Susan Wakefield; Bill and Pam Hubel; Moody Motor Company, Inc.; Anson Insurance; WM Krotter Company; Curt and Sherri Zimmerer; Rickie and Debra Hanzlik; Kehne Fertilizer; Farmers and Merchants State Bank; Hesse's, Inc./Case Hi; Nebraska State Bank/Lynch.
Old Timer ,some of the posters been asking for a list of R CALF members and sponsors,this is a good start ,now they can pick thru this and know who to not do buisness with..............good luck PS there are probably a lot of these folks on the list here that caused the BSE problem in canada.
Haymaker- I thought it was a good example of what I'm seeing locally-more and more banks and business's showing up with a R-CALF sticker on their window or door showing they are associate members and their support ....Never hardly see an NCBA one- I guess those business's don't need the packers trade :wink: .........
Go hard R-Calf. Only 780,000 more members and you'll catch PETA. :roll:
Oldtimer said:
Haymaker- I thought it was a good example of what I'm seeing locally-more and more banks and business's showing up with a R-CALF sticker on their window or door showing they are associate members and their support ....Never hardly see an NCBA one- I guess those business's don't need the packers trade :wink: .........

O.T. ..........I sure hope that you don't see these same windows boarded up when the consequences of r-calfs flawed agenda come home to roost!I guess it just doesn't matter.......you can always blame it on Canada :???: