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Gravelle this sucks

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canadian angus

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Feb 11, 2005
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Northwest Saskatchewan
Why do I have to re register each time I come in? If you don't want canucks, just say so. Disgruntled and upset. Each time I come in have to register, and all not fun.

CA :mad:
1. Make sure you have the 'Log me on automatically each visit:' box checked in the login window.
2. Make sure that you have not set your computer to not remember passwords and when you login and the computer asks "Do you want the Password Manager to remember this logon" answer "Yes".
3. Make sure you have not changed your browser's default setting and disabled cookies. A cookie is required for auto login.
4. If you login on a different computer (like your wife's or the one at work) without logging out on the first one the cookies get scrambled and don't work right.
5. The program automatically logs you out after 60 minuites of no activity to reduce server load and number of connections. This should be no problem if you have the auto login box checked.

Living in Canada has nothing to do with your problem.

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