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Great American Desert

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This old shortgrass northcountry is definitely a land of extremes-- On Tuesday night it got down to 36 degrees-- today shortly after noon my thermometer showed 97 and the wind was blowing 25-30 mph --felt like it was coming out of a furnace--humidity was down around 15%..... We shut down doing about everything because even a mouse passing gas could start a fire... Predicting 100+ for the next couple of days, so will have to bale at night- stack in the morning and siesta or go to the waterhole in the afternoons.......Sure drying things out fast...
What temperature swings. You must have very adaptable bodies. I hope you come out of the weather pattern unscathed.
We have had a lot of humidity all summer. Then the past couple of days, nothing. Too dry to bale even at night. Today the humidity is back so my husband is out baling.

I see we are predicted to have some wind with 95 degree temps the next couple of days. YUK!
by noon today, it was hot (90 degrees....no breeze) and we were at the lake....within 2 hours, storm clouds had rolled in and the temp had dropped to mid 60's and the wind was howling!!! Rain, wind and some wicked lightning cut our power in this valley for about 5-6 hours!! Not good!!
I don't know how you guys deal with those temps. I don't think I could adapt. Been in the 80's here and thats as hot as it ever needs to get. Now if it would just quit showering at night we could get some of this hay put up with some green colour to it. :?
Just came in for a bite to eat from baling. It is sure darn hot out there on the thermometer right now its around 102 F. Too hot
Manitoba_Rancher said:
Just came in for a bite to eat from baling. It is sure darn hot out there on the thermometer right now its around 102 F. Too hot

MR- Got too dry to bale here about 11AM - altho it is a little cooler today- only 97- it was 90 by 11.....Predicting a chance of thunderstorms tonite and a cool front moving in- down to 80 by Wed :D :D ......
We never stopped baling today except to eat and to fix a chain that broke. We got a short crop kit in so it helps keep the bale together when its real dry. Just came in not to long ago and it is real wet outside, yet it looks like theres a thunderstorm brewing to the south of us. Hope we get a few more days of this nice haying weather. Kinda nice cruising along in the a/c baling. But its a real bugger when you have to get out. If its not raining tomorrow Ill take some pictures of our baling outfit and post on here.

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