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Great movie!!

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
While in Sheridan I went to see the movie "Man of the House." It is a real hoot. I recommend it highly. Starring Tommy Lee Jones (and I am a real fan of his) as a tough Texas Ranger; 5 cheerleaders are witnesses to a murder and they have to go into protective custody, with Tommy Lee Jones (name is 'Sharp' in the movie, and it fits) to watch over them.

It has a good mystery plot, has a bit of romance and is hilarously funny. Guess what--it isn't dirty or nasty. If there was a swear word in it, I didn't hear it. No sex, either but quite a lot of 'skin' to keep it spicy (they are cheerleaders, you know). It was sooooooooooooooooooo good!! I was chuckling when I walked out of the theater. And you know what? I almost went back the next night!!!

If we have to drive 80 miles to Miles City to see it, I am taking my husband. He must see this show!! Just for what its worth--there are so few good movies anymore.

I did hear Ladder 49 (John Travolta) is good, as is Notebook with James Garner. Has anyone seen them? I get to go to a movie so seldom, it really is a treat. Doubley so when the movie is as good as "Man of the House."
FH - Did you see the Movie "Big Fish"? It's a pretty good flick with lots of symbolism. Makes you think. It was filmed here in and around Montgomery, Alabama.
Speaking of favourites and symbolism, I just finished "Mask of Zorro" for the umpteenth time.It's a great movie for lots of reasons, not the least of which is showing the difference between wannabees and the real "Zorro".

And of course, it never hurts a movie to have Catherine Zeta Jones in it either! :wink:
My favorite is John Waynes "The Cowboys" my boys have the DVD playing right now better go watch...
Denny Blowers said:
My favorite is John Waynes "The Cowboys" my boys have the DVD playing right now better go watch...

That's my favorite John Wayne movie too. "The Cowboys"
I have seen ladder 49 and the notebook. 49 was awesome as was the notebook. It seems like every time I go to a sad movie, I am always with one girl in particular and I end up laughing at how much of a girl she is... well that night you could have swam out of the theater... I even shed a tear to the amazement of my friend. Very good show, can't wait to take my mom so I can laugh at her. I did see notebook with mom and she thought it was a very good movie... again keep the tissue close by. Possibly my two favorites right now!
FH, did they close the Baker show house down? Used to have one years ago. If you wait it will be out on DVD soon, doesn't take them long after it hits our area to be out on DVD.
rancher--there hasn't been a showhouse in Baker since we have lived here. The Drive-In did run for a couple of years and then someone bought the land and put a big shop there.

Speaking of which, I worked at the Showhouse and the Drive-In when I was going to school in Buffalo, Wyoming. It was a lot of fun. The man that owned them both was a Jew, Sam Rosenthal, who owned a lot of property in Buffalo. Very interesting man. I learned alot from him. He had a little different perspective on things than what I had learned up to that time.

Gosh, the Drive-In. Used to have $1.00 a car night. Of course, we would pile all the kids we could in the cars and go to the show. I can't imagine growing up without a Drive-In.

On one occasion, we went to the Drive-In when our daughter was small. She sat with my mother in her car. I don't remember the name of the show, but there were some scenes that weren't for kids. In talking about it later, our daughter--maybe 4 at the time--said "I didn't like that show because Grammy covered up my eyes in all the good parts!"
Seabisquit. The book was great and so was the movie- some symbolism, some tragedy, lots of history, a moral, and excitingly beautiful horses racing. Hope to see it again in a "showhouse" for the big screen. Don't think a tv screen could do it justice.
The best movies I've seen recently are Secondhand Lions and Seabiscuit. I'd highly recommend either. Secondhand Lions is so good that I even occasionally rent it again, and I'm not the type to watch a movie time after time!

Another really good movie that came out not too long ago is Hildalgo. Excellent movie!

Have a great day everyone!

Northern Rancher said:
Last drive in movie I went to was 'Twister' in Plentywood,Montana.

NR was that the night the screen blew down. :wink:

Lots of good movies mentioned here. Just loved Second hand Lions and Hildago but one I get a kick out of is Holes. It reminds me of rancher, Jon Voight has a line that goes" Once upon a time their was a magical place where it nevers rains. Thee end." :cowboy:
Second hand lions is a must for everyone. And another one our family likes is October Sky. About 3 kids trying to get out of a mining town to go to college. We have girls night out once a month if we can, and we go to the show. Only rule we have is no blood and guts violence. We liked Bringing Down the House too. Mona Lisa Smile was kinda okay.. Calender Girls is cute, you can take your Mom or Grandma to that..
Secondhand Lions is my husband's favorite movie. He could watch it over and over, and he does! I don't have enough fingers on my hands to count how many times he's watched it. Me, I liked Twister, Armageddon, and The Gladiator. Those I can watch over and over.
If you want a demonstration in standing for principle in the face of opposition, you might want to watch Mel Gibson in "Ransom", if you haven't already. It's fairly old. Not the greatest for kids, maybe.
Big Muddy rancher said:
Rancher what's your favorite movie, Rainman or Finding Nemo.

Probably Finding Nemo, was a sit on the edge of your seat movie. I was sure nervous he wouldn't make it out of the fish bowl. (also did you see all the water?) :lol:
I heartily agree with you that 'Second Hand Lions' is one terrific movie. I bought it for my granson. "Seabiscuit", YES!! Our daughter got it for us for Christmas a year ago. She knew we would just love it. I was in town at the furniture store and they had one of the wide screen digital tv's and Seabiscuit was on with scenes that weren't in the original movie. It was sharp and crisp and just like being there, the digital tv was so good. I did feel sorry for ole' Seabiscuit. In reality, they ran his legs off, hauling him all over the country like they did.

Hildago is another thumbs up. We also like Quigley Down Under, (our grandson has watched that one so many times, he can recite the lines while the movie is playing.) Last Stand at Saber Creek is another favorite with Tom Selleck. Heck, Tom Selleck is a favorite!!!!!

No one mentioned "A Walk in the Clouds" with Kuneau Reeves. Excellent movie. (I think it is a classic.) Another good one is "Shining Through" with Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith.

So many people liked 'A River Runs Through It." Not me, I didn't care for that movie.

Of course, Lonesome Dove and Dances with Wolves are both wonderful. I really like Kurt Russell, but Val Kilmer stole Tombstone away from Kurt Russell. I haven't seen Val Kilmer in another movie I liked though. Same with Woody Harralson. He made the best cowboy in "The Cowboy Way", (another favorite movie) but I haven't liked him in anything else.

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