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Greatest beef marketing idea EVER!!!!!

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Mar 5, 2018
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Forget dealing with the teaming masses of public wanting to name the critter. Franchise the business and collect a sign up fee, yearly retainer and per animal cut from the franchisees. Ranchers, farmers, ostrich herders, backyard chicken owners all will want a piece of the pie if you get a few started (all your friends on here if they are truly friends will help). You eliminate having to personally deal with whining folks wanting to "drop by" and see "their" cow or change the name or whatever. Franchisees handle all the people and paperwork and send you your cut. You require an annual training session (somewhat costly) for all franchisees in-say the Hula-Hula Islands. They pay to hear you philosophize and recite your poetry (and buy autographed pictures). I live where Jimmie John the sandwich magnate had his headquarters until he moved out of our sad State of Illinois. He was the one buying $20 thousand an acre farm and $10 thousand an acre hunting land, not the sandwich shop owner actually spreading mustard and mayo. Think big H. May as well go for broke (bad choice of words), lets say shoot for the moon instead! Best of luck. 😉😉
This reply is pure baloney and the author denies posting it!!!

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