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Greeks being raped by Global Bankers and Rich

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Greece is now up for sale to the highest bidder. They have completely turned the average Greece citizen into a slave all caused by the very wealthy and politicians they own. Same as done here in 2008. The Greeks are smart enough to know when they have one up their ass, but Americans are just way too dumbed down to even begin to understand. We live in an obese, white trash, mobile home, walmart, big mac society.

with attitudes like we have from steve, larry, and whitewing and others here it is easy to see how we lost our country...and believe me it is lost. it is only now a matter of time before the shtf. i look forward to that day as i will be prepared and enjoy watching the idiots that called us un patriotic etc as they beg for help from the govt that sold them out to the highest bidder just like greece today.

here is what to expect:


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