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Green Coloured Barb Wire

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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It is regular two strand wire but with a covering that is green in colour and supposed to make it last longer. Ty and I started using it this year but when we went to replenish this fall our local Co-op farm supply informed us that they can't get it any more. I would kind of like to finish the projects we started with it-by using the same wire-it makes a sharp looking fence and I don't doubt it is more visible to deer and horses. If anybody knows of any in the prairie provinces could they pm me and let me know. I could use a pallet of it at least. Thank You in advance.
I learned about it at the Ozark Farmfest last fall and tried to get some green coated 14 guage 4 pt. to put on 44 yr old steel posts that were still good but rusty. Bekeart is the darndest company to deal with as they simply to refused to sell it to me.

No local dealers handled it and since I didn't need a full pallet (27 rolls) no matter who I contacted in the company, I couldn't acquire any. First time in my life that I tried to obtain a product and the producer was so unhelpful.

Ended up using OK 14 guage high tensile 4 pt. and have been pleased with it. It is much more substantial than 15.5 guage Gaucho that I have used in the past, and it has the class III galvanizing so I told the boys (in their 20's) maybe they won't have to build this fence twice like me as I was 16 when Dad and I built it before.

I sprayed Rustoleum on the posts where the wire was attached-don't know whether it will do much good but it made me feel better that new wire wasn't clipped to rust and it made it easier to clip on.

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