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Ground Load's or Step-In's

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
We call them Step-in Trailers

Time Line - - - Early 70”s - -

I was of doing Electrical Jobs so I could afford to Cowboy. The Old Denver Meat (out of San Jose, Ca.) had 500 Springing cow in one field and 2 or 3 were dieing daily or just slipping calves.

When I got there the (5 days in) Vet’s, State Vet’s and who ever had tried everything + removed all the Dams fearing Red Water. The Boss (John) had called Trucking Co. but the Vet’s told him he would lose ½ the cows if he moved them.

I called 3 friend with new Step-In’s - - - had the crew bring in some Power River Panel’s to set up against the Barn and sent all the ‘Wanta-B’s and ass-holes home and we quietly loaded

5 of us moved 500 cows to the home ranch in 20 hours and only lost 3 in the move (about the Average) (one cow slipped her calf).

The word got around and soon everyone had a Step-IN

Oh! The cows!

‘I/They we’ were lucky I sat down with all my Vet Books – at 3 something AM I asked the gal that was keeping me awake (Chickie)
What a word meant – She looked it up for me.

“Tubers” - - the Garlic plant down the road, was dumping 2 or 3 loads of garlic and onion skins per day for the cattle. We had been feeding Tubers for years but this was a drought year and the Boss had tried to stretch feed by cutting back on the Hay (Bad, Costly Move)

I had a UC Davis Vet’s Card from the day before so I called him at about 4AM
Question: What can I do for “Shock“?
“Give them a shot of this 4 times per day”
“I have 450+ head – what else can I do?”
“Silence” on the Phone
I’m looking for the side effects of “Dexamethasone” (Cortizone) can I use that “Off Label”
“Let me get back to you”!

After 40 winks later as I was headed out the door 3 hours later the Phone rang

We “Think” it can’t hurt to try it (“Dexamethasone”)

I had ½ a bottle – when I got to the ranch two cows were down – I gave them a shot and left the bottle for Chickie and the Hands to use and headed out to get more Med.

4 hours later when I got back:
“I was shocked to see that the Tallow Truck had already picked up the two dead cows”.

“Tallow Truck Hell” – 30 minutes after the shot they got up and walked away!

One more cow slipped her calf after that!

UC Davis put a flyer that warned
Feeding over a1/3 diet of tuber can cause Shock!

For shock use:
Use (“Dexamethasone”) Off Label!

Just goes to show you what a Dummy with a good set of books can do!

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