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grow'n older

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Jan 3, 2010
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Life can be picture---as we grow old
grand babies and blessings---or so i am told
business and family---and things to do
gotta watch yer step---and stay away from the flu

Had my first physical---and glad it's past
never again and---i hope it was the last
after my oatmeal---to the doctor i was off
as he felt below the belt---he told me when to cough

There's a table---if you could please bend over
as he inserted a finger---i groaned like ol' rover
need to pull some blood---and check for diasease
as he found the vein---i tried not to whease

there's alot more test---altho its your call
i gotta go now---try not to fall
as the doc left---he sent me a bill
life can be a picture---to the album we fill..

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