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Hairy vetch

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Jun 3, 2011
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Western Illinois
I have a pasture that had gone weedy over a number of years, so i killed it out with round-up and plowed it under. I plan to seed it to cereal rye and hairy vetch in August, then frost seed orchard grass and red clover into it in February. Once the rye is grazed off in the late spring I hope to have established pasture with the added benefit of some grazing in late fall and early spring on the rye. I'll graze lightly the first year to help it get established. However, I don't have any experience with hairy vetch, so can someone that does please advise me. Will light grazing this fall significantly hurt the stand, if we have sufficent moisture?
Vetch is a plant that is very quick to establish and works well on poorer soils but it doesn't withstand grazing pressure or cutting very well. The state highway department uses it out here a lot to seed down high walls and median strips on new roads.

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