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Half ASLEEP @ 3 AM

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May 24, 2005
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The Dam End of Silicon Valley
Dog were having a fit last night at 3 AM.":shock:")
I got-up to look and check the front door (Half Asleep) :???:
Vickey was behind me when I turned around
She said someone was in her room
(((( I said WHAT! )))
she said "There is a Lady In my Room"...
I got my gun and checked her room...
I checked her room and was telling her SHE WAS NUTS when I noted " Banjo was having a fit at the Kitchen Table"!!!! (Still 1/2 asleep I checked)
There She Was - ""HIDING UNDER THE TABLE"" - a 20 something girl _ _ LOADED ON SOMETHING _
((((( I ALMOST SHOT HER )))):mad:
But I let her go out (((Through the Back Yard))) where the ""Sheriffs Caught her"""... (V_Key had Called)
She said she was looking for her "Friends House"

This AM I am hearing Stories about HER and HER BOY-FRIEND Being in other peoples yards where STUFF IS MISSING...
Next TIME - ""BANG"" :mad:

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