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Hanta Yo and ranchwife

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Big Muddy rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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Big Muddy valley
Thanks Hanta yo for clueing us in on the meaning of your handle.
"Hanta YO"--Clear the way

Then ranch wife's signature is " damn the bad luck and full speed ahead!"

Pretty much the same thing, could it be a woman driver's thing. :wink: :cowboy:
BMR, you might have something there, although I try to drive carefully. Must have something to do when I'm in the tractor :lol: BTW, it's so nice outside it's time to HARROW! Hanta Yo!!!
BMR....when i was trying to think of a signature, i wanted something "witty" that would make people laugh...my cowboy came up with the one i use....definitely fits his personality!! he does not much care what folks think of him...what you see is what you get!! and about the women drivers!!?? 8)
..."what you see is what you get."

Just my kind of people. Those folks are REAL!!

I always spoke those words about our ex-son-in-law. I always thought a whole bunch of him.

I think it is a real compliment when someone says "what you see is what you get" about another person.

And Hanta Yo, I love your handle!! I too, wondered what it meant, now I know. COOL!!!!!!!!
good evening faster horses....my jesse is just that...happy, very friendly, honest and one of the hardest working individuals i have ever known in my life...sorta like most ranchers in this world....literally, what you see is what you get...no phony pretenses...he still lives in a world where a man's word is better than anything you can put on paper!!! :cboy:

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