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Happy Birthday Shelly.

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Happy Birthday, hope all is well with te Cow. Hope this 29th year is good one
29!!??!! WOW!! as 36 creeps up on me in a few weeks, i am trying to remember what 29 was like.....LOL!!
Shelly, hope yours is the very BEST and may it be a day full of smiles and lotsa love!!!!
aka ranchwife!!
ps....ya ever find yourself in the madison valley of montana, hope ya find me....buy ya a drink in celebration!!!
Dearest Shelly, Hope you have a happy birthday! I'm sorry about being late with this but am in South Carolina at a sale and had to wait on the computer. Being 29 (grin) you have many more to look forward to and hope they get better every year. Mike Callis
Read on here where you're getting a bottle. Lucky you! Enjoy! Beware though, Alabama will be looking you up in the future.
whatever age yiu are Shelley have a super happy day with a really good birthday cake which I hope you don't have to bake for yourself!

.ooy yo

yiy ti yiyoouuuuuuuuu yiyu==tiy ===

Hope you had a great day..
Hey Shelly,
It's a day late and a dollar short, but Happy belated B-day all the same.

Hope this coming year is long on roses and short on thorns for you.

Take care.
Today I'm feeling the thorns! Had a long but very fun evening out, we left the cows to look after themselves for the night. No new calves anyways so I don't feel guilty one bit for enjoying myself. Thank you all for the birthday greetings, made my day a little more special.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, Shelly!! I'm just enjoying my daily shot of Tennessee medicine and will dedicate the next sip to you!! :D



PS. I've been known to stand up in a crowded restaurant or bar and sing Happy Birthday, to embarrassed friends/family ,in the style of a really BAD lounge singer. :shock:

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