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Happy Days for Dems

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Jul 23, 2007
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The good ole USA



Inflation rising fast...

European Shares Closing With Biggest One-Day Decline in Three Years.....



Obama, Senate Democrats fight over campaign cash...

Admin. Goes After Perry on Education...


Feds arrest two men for harrassing Palin, family...

GALLUP: Americans satisfied with 'the way things are going' -- 11%!

Poverty soars under Obama...

Child poverty rate in DC -- 29%...

Record homelessness -- in Portland, Maine...

TRUMP: 'Our president is grossly incompetent'...

TRUMP: 'Takes More Vacations Than Any Human Being I've Ever Seen'... *


New low of 26% approve of Obama on economy...

I Reversed Recession Until 'Bad Luck' Hit...

Want tax on financial transactions...


WORLD BANK: Markets heading to new danger zone...

TRUMP: 'Our president is grossly incompetent'...
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Tam Wrote
Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:57 pm Post subject:


reader (the Second) wrote:
He ran. He campaigned for several years. He proved himself under taxing conditions. He did not enter the campaign in the last 2 months and show himself not read for prime time as Palin did. For all that Palin may be a remarkable woman, she could not have done what Obama did in terms of running a campaign in such a disciplined manner for 2 years. She simply did not have the experience or seasoning or whatever it was that made him capable of beating Hillary and being a phenomenal fund raiser and a good communicator.

She's great with crowds who love her but needs to have much more exposure and hard knocks if she's ever to get to his level of competence in the political arena.
PALIN WASN'T RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT and she has alot more class that the idiot that is sitting in the seat she was running for.

And as for Obama beating anyone, THE MEDIA and racism beat Hillary and McCain and the Media will bring Obama down when they start seeing him for what he really is.
If the media would have done their job of vetting Obama, all his dirty little secrets would have been brought out including whether he is a qualified candidate. He was never vetted because of people like those with a tingle going up and down their legs never bothered. When you have the media thinking it is their job to make sure he is a success, it is not likely you are going to get them to report something that will show the truth about the guy. What you will see is them destroying anyone that dares step in their ROCK STAR's way and in this case it was Sarah Palin. Liberal Blog sites made up lies about her and the MSM did what they could to push those lies to further damage her.
Be Proud Reader the US has a inexperienced JUNIOR Senator from the most corrupt state in the Union turned President that campaigned on LIES And you were gullible enough to buy the lock stock and barrel.

Maybe if he had served a couple of terms in the Senate and got more "seasoning" in national and international matters he would have known what he was doing and would have known not to let Pelosi even look at the stimulus bill let alone WRITE it.

His level of competence What a joke :roll:
Tax cheats being nominated for Cabinet positions is real competent. :roll:
Having Pelosi writing the Stimulus bill is real competent. :roll:
Announcing the close of Gitmo without a plan to do so is real competent. :roll:
Dismissing charges on a terrorist before speaking to the victims families is real competent. :roll:
Lifting a ban of funding foreign abortions when the US is in a finanical crisis is real competent. :roll:
Standing in front of the country and telling them that the government just passed a bill with no earmarks after just passing the large spenting bill in US history that contained billions in earmarks and a second bill that has 9000 more earmarks is really competent. :roll:
Telling the US public he will cut the deficit in half during a recession after passing one of the largest spenting bill in US history in real competent :roll:
Telling the US that the stimulus bill will create 3.5 million new jobs when the experts say it will not even come close is real competent :roll:
Picking gaff master Joe Biden with a son that is tied to fraud charges for cheating an investor out of millions during a finanical crisis is real competent :roll:
Using the word crisis 26 times in a short public speech is real competent :roll:
The DOW dropping over a 1000 points in the first month of his Presidency really shows how competent Wall Street thinks he is. :roll:

One thing Obama is is a competent liar as millions of US voters believed his crap but it looks like maybe the honeymoons over as the polls the other day showed him under 60% approval rating.

WOW could we add to that list now that that incompetent twit has been in office for more than 6 weeks. and his approval rating is now sitting at 43% :wink: Trump is right he is GROSSLY INCOMPETENT :x

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