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Happy Hunting Ground

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Northern Rancher

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Feb 10, 2005
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There's Ty (on left) and my hunting buddy glassing a big clearcut we hunted yesterday-they go for miles up here and are full of game. We were looking for a monster Black Bear he'd spotted there yesterday on his way to football. Cut his tracks and lots of deer and moose sign but couldb't catch up to him. You could run alot of cattle back in these if it was allowed. This chunk of bush is probably 50 miles wide and 70 or 80 miles long-if you get turned around you can walk along ways without seeing anybody lol. We got miled out pretty good-was tough walking through that slash after all the rain-it was big fun though. I must be the only guy who can go out in a million acres of bush and still manage to step in fresh bear crap lol.
Looks like you boys are ready to head over to Afganastan with those camo clothes on. What part of Saskatchewan you from Northern R?
We ve been walking bush thicker than that trying to get 6 cows out of it and into a corral for the last 3 days but they havent came out yet. There is a black bear down there and its stirring them up.