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HAPPY (???) MONDAY!!!!

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Feb 10, 2005
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ennis, montana
good morning, everyone!!! Hoping the very best for all of you braving this monday morning!!! here (i am at work in deer lodge, right now), it is snowing outside so i am pretty happy that the kids are out of school today in ennis ("snow day")....that means the 15 year old "demolition derby" won't be behind the wheel!! LOL!!! Hanta....hope the weaning is going as well as can be expected....we had some bad news at home from the hubby....had a 3 year old cow that was seperated from the rest of the herd and when hubby checked on her the next day, she had been "eaten"....fish and game "highly suspect" wolf activity....Lovely, huh?? as if ranching were not hard enough.....anyway, i am certain that things will look up this week (i get to go home tuesday...YAY!!!)!! Shelly, Oldtimer, NR, Hanta, Faster Horses, SW, Aussie Man and EVERYONE else...have a super day and just remember this....everything happens for a purpose...a reason unseen to many of us....may god and fate shine on you all today!!!
We appreciate you and your positive outlook. It is snowing here, don't know how long it will last, we are so grateful for what we are receiving. We decided not to wean today, because we didn't know how the snow was going; and where it was going, but we will be weaning tomorrow. Come h**l or high water. I so very much love this life and wouldn't trade it for the world and we also love our Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Happy Trails to all who happen to be traveling.
Good morning to you, too, Ranchwife!

Here's a little cartoon for you. Hope it brightens your day.


Take care.
Whoops! Forgot to log in first...I'll get the hang of this thing sooner or later.

Take care.

ps. I just love all the goodies flying out of his truck (reminds me of ours).
Hi all,
Loved those pictures (Cattle Annie your polarbear on ice is precious). Ice is what we're having today- lots of ice. Hope you get home okay on Tuesday Ranchwife- I remember the days of being snowed in at the Emergency Room and sharing a bed and recipes with the (woman) doctor on duty. Not much sleep but memorable.

A Strange exotic snow story for those who are eager for snow: our NJ daughter called yesterday to say there was one house on their street that had 6 inches of snow. We thought we hadn't understood her correctly. She said their neighbor sent in an idea to a TV show that she would like to host a Dr.Zhivago Party, have guests come in costume etc. Her neighbor's idea was chosen so they sent a snow machine to ice the house and whiten her yard, a horse drawn carriage, piles of caviar, they got fur coats from a consignment shop also old furniture with help of a designer...think it is supposed to be on the Discovery channel at some point. Our grand-daughters were intriqued by all the goings-on.
Have a super week and I hope they shoot that wolf, Ranchwife.
Good morning to you, ranchwife, and the other ladies on here. I happened to notice it was all women on this thread. Makes me wonder what we're all doing up at all hours of the morning while the menfolk are obviously sleeping! Here's to us! (Raise your cup of coffee now).
Good morning all,
Am fairly new here, but I feel like I know you all. Out of curiosity, how long have you all been here?
Hope they get the wolf :twisted: , and hope the roads are ok. If you get enough snow, send it down here, we need it.
Take care all. :wink:
Good morning to you, ranchwife. Thanks for the nice way to start the day.

Nicky, I have been at ranchers.net since August of 2002 and I can't begin to tell you what I have learned on here. So many great people, and it is
a lot of fun, especially for us (those) that live pretty far out from civilization. I feel I have made many friends and acquaintances, only a very, very few that I could have lived without. (One of those is why our format changed here.) Up until 3 weeks ago, it was done totally differently. I was dismayed when I logged on and things have changed. But you know, now I'm not sure I don't like it even better.

At this site you will find TRUTH, HUMOR, INFORMATION, RECIPIES, GOOD POETRY, answers to questions, dogs and horses for sale, sympathy, good cheer, education for those not in agriculture (as well as education for us from those not in agriculture-it is a two-way street), computer help, well-wishers, news before it breaks in the media and pecans from down south!--these are just what comes to mind and there is much more!!! It does get to be a bit of an addiction, as most regulars here have admitted to at one time.

Welcome to ranchers.net. Glad to have you!
Faster Horses, that doggie is a dear! Looks so rolliepollie and soft. Bet you can hardly keep from playing with her all the time.

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