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Hard week on trees

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Apr 24, 2009
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Its been kinda a hard week on trees around here the last week. Woke up to this last Sunday morning, the 26th.


Then this the morning of the 1st



We spent all day yesterday cutting and hauling trees. Maybe I should have said Lisa cut, I hauled.




Tried a few that were too heavy to pickup.



We don't have a horse corral right now. It should be here.



Other then the 2 panels, 2 gates, and a closeline pole, nothing other then trees were injured though.
These are the kinds of agravations that can either make you cry or make you glad you are safe and able to clean up / in my case fix up and it is a good excuse to upgrade a little as well!

Glad no one was hurt!

If Lisa runs out of things to do there give me a call and we will find work for her here!!!
From the pictures it looks like Cotton wood to me and I don't care for it for firewood - - - - if you let it season for a year under roof it will then be good for the evenings you just need a little heat for a while or the kids like it for bon fires as they like to keep putting wood on anyway but cotton wood puts out to little heat for the work in my opinion.

Give me some good Cherry, Maple, Hedge ( Osage oange ) Oak or trees like that where I feel I get a good supply of heat for my efforts.

I love that I can bank up some hedge and still have good heat 12 hours later! I guess I'm a touch on the lazy side!

But then again it might be I'm jusy a little spoiled!
Wow. You are lucky some of those trees didn't fall on some
buildings. Looks like you have a REALLY nice place.

In 1982 we had a tornado when we lived in SW Montana.
We had 500 cottonwood trees on the ground as we lived
along a creek. Now that was a real mess. We were lucky in
that the only buildings lost was the bunkhouse and a
new calving shed that we had recently built. Many other
buildings had the roofs destroyed. The house
was saved because I had windows open on the north and south
of the house. The shop was saved because that is where
Mr. FH and the dogs were when the tornado tore through.
And in light of the path it took, I truly believe it was an act
of God that the shop was spared. Our daughter nor I was
home at the time, so no one was injured.

We had people from town come out and help clean up. We
ran shifts and fed everyone. The CCC from Anaconda came and
helped as well. It was a major project that last a good while.

Anyhow, I know how you feel. Good luck cleaning up your
trees. At least you have some good equipment for the job.
Again, happy that no one was hurt. That's the main thing,
as you know. With, us, it certainly helped us remember
what was really important in life.

Thanks for the pictures. Hope I didn't hijack your thread.
Seeing them just reminded me about our tornado of '82.
The last tree was a cottonwood, the first was Ash. I burn a lot of Ash in the shop, and I'll cut up part of this Cottonwood for fire wood. The bottom part of the trunk is over 3 feet in diameter, and I don't have a saw big enough to get through it.

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