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Has anybody heard?

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
Will there be changes in the Rules and Regs. pertaining to Blue Tongue in shipments of "Breeding Stock", "Semen", and "Embryos", into Canada from the U.S.
I thought I had heard the rules might be relaxed after the border opens, i.e. 2-negative PCR tests within 30 days will be sufficient for shipment.

As it stands, a bull that has a titer for Blue Tongue (although he does not have Blue Tongue) must go through a lengthy quarantine, and can only be collected from Jan 1 thru Mar 31, in a low risk state. This process adds extra costs to semen which in turn is passed to Canadian buyers.

Since B.C. also has had cases of BTV, it sounds reasonable to allow the PCR test results.

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