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Has it warmed up in the US and Canada yet?

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greetings australian cattleman and sash....t-shirts, huh? hell, temperatures here in southwest montana are suppose to be mid 40's and we are digging out the beachwear and BBQ!!! not a cloud in sight and only a slight breeze!! sure could use the moisture, but mother nature is "hearing impaired" and does not hear our pleas for snow/rain!!! oh well, any ideas on how to get "her" to cooperate????
we are digging out the beachwear and BBQ!!!

I didn't quit using the BBQ until it got buried in a snowdrift. Just waiting for it to melt down far enough so I can get it lighted. I know there's a rain dance that works fairly well. You have to get naked and cover yourself with war paint and wear a big feathered headress. If you decide to go for it, please send pictures.
SASH....found about a dozen or so feathers from ducks and geese that the 17 year old left behind...will they work for the headdress???nothing fancy like eagle or even pigeon, but.....as for the warpaint, i am still working on that...may have to go with Krylon!!! as for the naked part, just saw myself in the mirror after coming out of the shower and it was pretty damned scary!!! WAIT A MINUTE!! THERE'S AN IDEA!!! I will simply threaten to dance naked and mother nature will have no choice but to send rain!!! why didn't i think of that before??!! LOL!!! Will keep you posted on my progress....watch for clouds!!!
I have a good friend and neighbour from Australia living south of me. His name is Bernie Smyth , was a professional cowboy until his retirement. He is always intrigued with our southern Alberta weather in the winter. Weather here is great for calving right now wish we had more on the ground because we all know there will be another cold snap and a couple of storms before spring.

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